Goals vs Wishes

Grading will take place in our Loughshinny Academy on Thursday 23rd February. With this in mind perhaps we should examine the grading system and its value in our training. Everybody who starts in Martial Arts training wishes to ultimately achieve the Black Belt. However, there is a world of difference between wishing for something and actually achieving it. Wishing for something is leaving the responsibility for its attainment to some outside influence. In Martial Arts we learn to set Goals and we take action towrds reaching them.

This is where the belt system is of great value in our training. The belt system provides us with a series of short term goals on the road to Black Belt.

We take the long term goal (Black Belt) and break it down into 10 smaller goals (our Belt System). In this way our ultimate goal becomes achievable. Our progress becomes tangible and we are encouraged to continue on to Black Belt. We can take this lesson and apply it to many aspects of our life. Our greatest goals can appear overwhelming until we break it down into many smaller parts. Its like eating a pizza, one slice at a time, one bite at a time.

Save your wishes for the Lotto, the Martial Arts way is taking action.


2 thoughts on “Goals vs Wishes

  1. I never thought of the belt system this way. It makes sense to compare the belt system to a step-by-step process that ends in the ultimate goal of black belt achievement. Each new belt represents a student’s readiness to begin learning a new, more difficult kick, form, or sparring technique.
    I feel like I should point out something else about the black belt achievement. While it may be the most significant achievement in any student’s journey in martial arts, it is not the end-all achievement. In fact, achieving a black belt is the start of a whole new journey. Black belts must go on and learn even more advanced skills and teach what they know. Kicksomeclass.wordpress.com, bremyers21@gmail.com

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