The Secret to Martial Arts Revealed

Is it pressure points, death touch, dim-mak, the quart-of-blood technique? No its none of the above, there is no “secret” to Martial Arts other than the secret to just about everything, hard work and constant, consistent, mindful practice.

At Elite Taekwon-Do Academy in North County Dublin we teach that we need to develop the link between “Practice” and “Success”. Creating the habit of daily practice is key to success as a martial artist. Only 10 minutes practice per day when not in class adds up to 60 hours training in a year. You can accomplish an awful lot with just this small investment of your time. Of course the REAL value of this practice is not the improvement in kicks and punches but the development of the habit of self-discipline.

We believe that the real “test” of the training is creating a habit of daily practice. There is more value in getting yourself/your child to practice every day (take Sunday off if you like) than there is in successfully passing on the day of the grading. One is a snapshot in time, the other is a lesson that will last a lifetime.


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