Are you stuck in Groundhog Day

In the movie “Groundhog Day” a man(Bill Murray) wakes up every morning to the same day. Same song on the radio, meets the same people, has the same conversations. Basically, his life never progresses. I’ve noticed this phenomena with some students also, they don’t seem to progress. They attend classes alright put they’re not really present. They take in the lesson/or not, go home and don’t practice or even think about Taekwon-Do until the next class. Next class, they attend but they’re still not really present, go home, don’t practice and so on. Eventually, it’s time to test and they or their parents can’t understand why they don’t know the material. Its because of Groundhog Day.

Without home practice it is almost impossible to retain the material and improve upon it. Once again, 10 minutes mindful practice each day is all it takes(obviously more practice will achieve better results but 10 minutes should be the minimum).

There are things parents can do to help:

Set up a “Home Dojang”. This is good way to encourage practice. A small area might be as simple as throwing down a few mats,  putting a mirror on the wall and a printout of the latest pattern/requirements on the wall.

Keep us in the loop: If there are any issues relating to your child or their training  please let us know. Working together we can help achieve the specific outcomes you want for your child.


2 thoughts on “Are you stuck in Groundhog Day

  1. Very good post. I am a junior instructor in ATA Taekwondo, and found this very helpful!

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