Elite Taekwon-Do Academy Tournament in Balbriggan

Sunday the 24th June saw over 60 Students of the Elite Taekwon-Do Academy compete in Bracken Educate Together Sports Hall in Balbriggan. The excitement was palpable as for many of the students this would be their first taste of competition.

White Belts and Tots were first up to compete in patterns/Basic Techniques, this was followed by an exciting tag sparring event for students that have yet to begin sparring. Coloured belts competed in patterns and sparring, point sparring being the order of the day in this particular discipline. When the dust had settled the winners were awarded their Gold Medals while everybody else received a participation medal.

Trophies were awarded to the outstanding competitors on the day and these were awarded to Sarah McLouglin and Sean Afolabi in the White Belt category, and Katie Attley and David Alabi in the coloured belt category. Later Katie’s mum Marie told us that Katie was so happy she couldn’t get the smile off her face. Indeed there were smiles all around at the end of the day and with no injuries on the day everybody went away happy.

Winners on the day as follows:

Tots 4-6 Years Patterns/Basics:  Emily Byrne, Tag Sparring: Abi Dunne

7-9 Patterns:  Sarah Mc Loughlin, Leon Cummins, Sparring: Sarah McLoughlin, Ben Fleming

Over 12s Patterns: Darren Mc Nulty, Sparring: Mark Ennis

Coloured Belts Patterns: David Alabi, Brittney Ebanda, Katie Attley

Sparring: David Alabi, Ben Oakes, Conor Oakes, Klarissa Walser


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