Aidan Walsh Returns

Last nights Senior class was taken by Mr Aidan Walsh 6th Dan and as usual was a treat for all involved. Aidan is a font of knowledge on all aspects of Taekwon-Do but particularly on putting theory into practice. His knowledge isn’t something “bought” at a seminar and regurgitated as his own but one gained through countless hours and years of toil and sweat to test what actually works and doesn’t work. Aidan constantly stressed good balance, sound defence, not sticking to the floor, fast hands, not telegraphing techniques, changing the angles of attack and so much more. Nothing escapes his attention and it is this uncanny eye for detail that makes him such a unique instructor. After 30 years of training with Mr Walsh I have yet to leave a class without learning something, there just seems to be so many layers to his practice. Can’t wait to have him back.


3 thoughts on “Aidan Walsh Returns

  1. Fantastic class and an honour to train under Mr Walsh and with Mr Donnelly.

  2. Hi Terry and AIdan on iPad checking out loughshinny club wish I could train with the two best instructors around. GReat to see you back Aidan. WIsh I cud find club like yours where I live in Australia. Lots of love Nuala Smith née Murray.

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