How Best to Prepare for Grading

Our next Grading Exam takes place on Tuesday 24th July in Bracken Educate together, Balbriggan at 6.30. Our Examiner as ever is Mr Aidan Walsh 6th Dan.

While this is usually an exciting time for students, for some it can prove both stressful and nerve wracking. Stress and nerves manifest themselves when we feel as though we are not in control of the situation. Lack of confidence is directly related to lack of Practice.This can be overcome by proper preparation. Students are expected to practice for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes on the days they are not in class.This Habit of Consistent Practice allows us to become very familiar with the material we will need for the test and with that familiarity comes the control and confidence required to   show our best.

If you haven’t been in the Habit of 10 minutes a day practice (Shame on you ha ha) its not too late. Start today with 10 minutes and increase that time as your ability increase (Remember it’s 10 minutes MINIMUM). You’ll be surprised how quickly this small investment adds up in terms of your improvement.

If you have any question regarding any aspect of training or practice, never hesitate to ask for advice. We’re here to help you. Good luck in your training and enjoy your practice.


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