Superman, Ciara, and Louise, Can you spot the REAL Heroes?

Superman was a great hero of mine growing up, he was stronger and faster than anybody else and got to fly around in his Y-Fronts. I just thought that he was the coolest of all the Super-Heroes. Time moves on and nowadays  Superman is not quite the hero he once was. These days I’m more inspired by people like Peace Activist Thich Nath Han, and the pro -Democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi than any character from a comic book or movie. This week I was reminded that sometimes Heroes can be found much closer to home. Ciara mcGuinness and Louise Lamari are two heroes we celebrated at the Elite Taekwon-Do Academy last week.

Ciara is a 12 year old student of ours who decided 2 years ago that she was going to grow her hair 12 inches. Not entirely remarkable for a young girl to be interested in her hairstyle, you might think. The difference was that Ciara grew her hair so that she could have it cut to make wigs for young cancer sufferers. She also raised over €1000 for Temple St Childrens Hospital while getting her hair cut off.

Louise is the mother of our student of the year Samy Lamari and this past year has been an especially tough one for her. A diagnosis of cancer meant that Louise spent this past year battling chemotherapy while raising Samy and his sister Hanna. What was really remarkable however was her positivity and good humour throughout her ordeal. Louise’s courage was an inspiration to those of us who watched her battle this past year.

On Wednesday  25th of July, Louise made a special award on the Academys behalf celebrating Ciara’s sacrifice and selflessness . On Tuesday 24th of July Louise celebrated some news of her own, Louise had been declared cancer-free. Two REAL Heroes, two reasons to celebrate.


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