Martial Arts Lessons, Soccer, Hurling, and Gaelic.

The following post was written by Master Teacher Tom Callos, who, as usual, writes these thoughts better than anyone else I know. Many thanks Master Callos.

“As a boy, my parents took me to try out all the typical sports. As a an adult, I am now able to reflect back on all those activities –and I have an opinion about sports that might help you (parents), if you too are considering something athletic for your own child.

The martial arts lessons I took, hands down, left me with the most powerful memories, usable resources, and the richest experiences of all the sports I participated in. Just this morning for example, 25 years after my martial arts teacher said it to me, I was recalling, “If you can’t, then you must –and if you must, then you will.”

Martial arts lessons will stick with your child. I’m more confident today, more capable, and better when the pressure is on –and I attribute a lot of that to my martial arts training. Parents, invest in lessons. They’re worth it.”


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