Taekwon-Do, Karate, Judo: Which is Best?

The argument as to which Martial Art is the best has long been debated. Each style have their own preferences in terms of technical emphasis and training strategies and most instructors hold that their art is superior to the next. Ultimately though, it’s the Teacher that makes “the Style”. Look for a coach you respect or feel you have a rapport with. If the teacher treats you poorly, leave. If he treats you with respect you’re probably in the right place.

Is the coach a member of the Irish Martial Arts Commision, the government recognized body for Martial Arts in Ireland? If he is, you can be assured that he is first aid trained, engaged in the Sports Councils coaching framework, and most importantly, has Garda Vetting to say he is cleared for working with children. Read https://elitetkddublin.wordpress.com/our-pledge/

If a school chooses not to invest in this type of training or operate with transparency in relation to Garda Vetting, they are best avoided.


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