Samurai Mindset

Much of the philosophy of Martial Arts as we know it today has its roots in Bushido, the code of the Samurai. Maybe you’re not aware that the word “Samurai” means “to serve”. These warriors took that responsibility very seriously knowing that the best Samurai lived a life of service. They protected and nurtured their communities and were a living example of Martial Arts highest ideals.

I was reminded of this at the weekend while watching my student John O Toole umpiring at the RITA Irish Cup. This is the second time in recent weeks John has given up his Saturday to serve our members as the Academy’s designated umpire. This freed me up to coach and mentor our competitors which I do not get to do all that often. The stipulation at tournaments that a school must have one umpire for every 10 competitors means I’m usually officiating myself and I feel our members miss out on my support on the day. So I just want to acknowledge John’s contribution and hopefully some more students will adopt his example. Well done John.

John umpire at Irish Cup 2012

John umpire at Irish Cup 2012


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