Getting the best from a Martial Arts school

I met an old friend of mine the other day, Tony, a great bloke and a fine musician. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time and we got to talking about our kids, what they were up to, the usual stuff. Tony said ” I had my son in Taekwon-Do for a while but he’s playing football now”. I said that was a shame, why did he quit? “Well he didn’t exactly quit, I took him out. I was paying good money and the instructor guy wasn’t delivering on his promises, my kid wasn’t more confident, he’s afraid of his own shadow, he wasnt more respectful you should hear the way he talks to me and is mother, more disciplined?, gimme a break, he won’t do anything unless he’s told like a hundred times”.

I was sorry to hear this because I love martial arts, i think its the greatest thing you can do for a kid. When I hear of an instructor failing in the job I feel it reflects on all instructors. So I wanted to find out what had gone wrong. “Well how did young Tony seem in class, was he attentive, distracted,engaged, having fun?”. “Don’t know Ter, I didn’t sit in on the classes, I usually slip down to the shops during class, y’know, kill two birds”. “Right, so what did the instructor say when you said the class wasn’t working?”. “I never said anything Terry, he was always busy with other parents, I didn’t want to disturb him”. So you called him then or emailed him to let him know you needed some help?”, “Nah, I didn’t want to be a pest”. “Have you time for a coffee Tone?”

Over the coffee I was able to explain that its said to raise a child, we need “a village”. The good martial arts school can be part of that village but only if you connect with the school. If there’s something going on with your child that you would like to help them with, the instructor can be your ally here. Talk to him/her, express your concerns, see if you both can’t come up with a solution between you.  A good martial arts instructor can have an enormous positive influence on a child. In the past I’ve encouraged kids in their diet, their reading habits, the way they’re treating their siblings, all sorts of things. Why did he think all those other parents were talking to the guy?

At Elite Taekwon-Do Academy we are never too busy to help with any issue you might have with your child. We encourage parents to watch as many classes as their schedule will allow, talk to us, email/text/phone us, read our newsletter, blog, visit us on Facebook or on our website “””. Working together we can ensure that the outcomes we speak about arent just empty promises, we actually deliver.


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