Leaders Team Anti-Bullying Presentation

Since November our Leaders Team have been rehearsing our Anti-Bullying presentation each Friday with Mr Donnelly assisted by Marie Attley. The presentation is based around the theme “Think Kindness” and we are now ready to present to all of our classes. The presentation involves identifying Bullying, the different types of Bullying, who is involved in Bullying and how best to deal with/report Bullying. Fully supported by visual aids and banners the event will be fully interactive and will involve all of our students.

The purpose of the presentation is twofold. As a martial arts school we are about all things Self-Defence, Bully Awareness falls into this category and we want all of our students armed with the knowledge to protect themselves in these situations. This does not mean teaching children how to physically deal with a bully but rather how to protect themselves through knowledge and understanding of the subject. We teach that children protect themselves by using their brain.

The second reason for this initiative is to arm our more senior students with tools that they can employ in their lives after school. By having our “Kids teaching kids” we are allowing them to try on new skills like Leadership, Teaching and Management, skills that they may not get to learn or be entrusted with until entering the work place.

By learning how to work constructively with others, the kids on our Leaders team get to practice and polish skills that most kids don’t develop till much later (if ever).


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