A Broader Definition of Self-Defence

At Elite Taekwon-Do Academy when we speak about Self-Defence, we don’t just mean kicks and punches. We believe that our students defend themselves, first and foremost, with their minds. This is why we try to educate them on self-defence subjects beyond a physical attack. By broadening our definition of what self-defence is, we can educate our students on other dangers they may not have considered. Good Diet, Stranger Awareness, Health and Fitness, Anger Management are all areas that we feel should fall under the “Self-Defence” remit.

Bully education is a vital area for us and the video above shows one of the ways that we have approached this topic. Over a number of months some of our senior students prepared this presentation and delivered it to over 40 of our younger students at Elite Taekwon-Do Academy, Loughshinny. This coming Thursday (31st January) we will give the presentation at our Balbriggan Class in Bracken Educate Together National School. This is our contribution to what has been a whole month of Anti-Bullying Initiatives at Bracken ETNS.

Yes, we teach kicking and punching and we do it well but for us Self-Defence is about so much more. Its about educating and arming our children with strategies to help them make better choices. To broaden their view of Self-Defence to include all of the above and a whole lot more.


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