Introducing Our Taekwon-Do Kubz Programme (4-6 yrs)

We would like to Welcome you to the wonderful world of Taekwon-Do Kubz,where all of our Kubz have so much fun learning how to perform the coolest Taekwon-Do moves, with super cool drills, teaching our Kubz everything from great communication skills(helping them make friends and learn everything so much faster, to keeping them safe from everyday hazards as well as dealing with difficult situations from both children and adults alike. in this way we are giving our Kubz the very best start in life.

Please remember that the skill level is relative to age, a 4 year old usually takes a little longer between grades than a 6 year old, but there are many rewards to be gained as they work towards each grade.

The important thing to remember is all Kubz should recieve regular praise/reward for all efforts made.Kubz rewards are always based on “effort first”, ensuring our Kubz see 100% effort as the most important skill to develop.

kubz image 1


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