Loughshinny Kubz Grading a Great Success

DSCN7251On Wednesday 30th of April our Kubz class in Loughsinny tested for their stripes and theme awards and everybody acquitted themselves fantastically. After 6 months of developing their fitness, agility, flexibility and Taekwon-Do skills, our Kubz had the opportunity to display their progress to family and friends.

Each stripe level was tested in groups with the requirements and the skill level increasing as the stripe levels increased. White stripe testers demonstrated our basic techniques, yellow stripes took things a stage further with some basic combinations while the green stripes demonstrated some exciting advanced advanced combos. Before the decision was made on who could pass or fail, students had to answer questions on diet, sleeping habits, exercise, and personal safety.

At the end of the test all of our Kubz were deemed successful and promoted to their next level. Four of our longest serving Kubz Lucas, Alexia Angelova, Callum Sethi, and Finn Dice were also awarded their Junior Kubz Instructor patch which means they can now help demonstrate and assist in class, well done Guys!


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